Lance Armstrong! ok I quit at his mention

This will never change bcus 50% of the other gender will admire, protect, glorify, sleep with, produce babies with the enslaver in the hopes the stolen resources stay within the family group for generation to come. The enslavers will always receive support bcus we like glitter, gold, and big SUVs.


Thanks for your advice

So today we see emerging fields like gay anthroplogy, who are very invested in telling society everyone everywhere was always gay or queer and if he wasn’t, well, that’s only because of heteronormistic pressures.

I am not denying gender is preformed. It’s an other way of stating men and women behave differently, on average. But why? Judith states this is a cultural phenomenon, and to an(y) extent that is obviously true. One merely has to look at recent history to see differences in behaviour amongst men and amongst women. But does culture explain ALL gender behavior? I think Judith’s ideas are insightful, but the postmodern feminist idea that gender behavior is completely a social construct is bollocks.

Sir. What is intermediate goods???

If you push the fat man, only he will die and

The tongue thing Heath Ledger does is to dry his mouth so he can sound like that

Yea…. The Brutal Truth… sad

If you send me the link I’ll look. I used to be in the brokerage business and I can tell you that most of the time you can’t trust the advice. Most people don’t know this, but stock brokers aren’t trained to understand investing. On top of that most mutual fund managers aren’t very educated on the topic. It is better to educate yourself on how to invest. Trust nobody with your money

Well the ending force me to subscribe and like the video

So if you wanted to continue outing things into the outbox until the inbox was empty you would do

Stay strong America, I hope you can make it through this garbage. In the meantime I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with this.

Wow, he is so tame in this! Wow!

“free market enthusiasts might point out China as an example….” Bad example because SOEs (State Owned Enterprises) make up a large section of the economy

Mel Gibson (Braveheart)

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I will bring what? Coffee


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