Another note – Austria actually has 2 big dialect differences – the tyrolian dialect is very much like bavarian with a few differences in word usage (bavarian: aufi – tyrolian: aui (up) obi – ohi (down) and tyrolian pronounces the K to the extreme the tyrolian k immediately gives away a tyrolian native even if he speaks high german. The tyrolian dialect also is influencing Kärnten.


”Esta canción es de un gay”

Can you explain the relationship between the LRAC curves and SRATC curves? How about when they are both on the same graph?

I want to slap everyone on the breakfast club in the face

When everyone is a hypernervous, uninformed, identitarian narcissist, the communist super government will control us all and we will beg them for it as the immacable psychopath victims we are.

Bhosdki angreg American action me bolna zaruri h kya chodu lgri h

I liked the pictures too. Funny he said Utopia is real and empathy is not. Utopia is made of two Greek words meaning no place, meaning it is a wonderful place that does and will not ever exist in reality–kind of Platonic. Empathy is actually an intellectual understanding of what another is experiencing without sharing actual feelings along with them. Sympathy is more what he was talking about. What he was calling empathic distress allows people to experience situations vicariously–feeling

John Goldberg. If there was no ‘free market’, he wouldnt need to sell any book or tell anything.

“African American”

Or realy wait for propper reviews..while the general idea of a test weekend may sound would be rather damaging to the game with its current build imo..


0:35 **

Best YouTube teacher ever!!!!

Where is Stephanie Meyer’s twilight?

It’s amazing ideas and data….

Why not use CertificationPoint(dot)Org and gain the experience and earn pay while you’re still in college?

This guy is just coolest president ever we will have.

Watching this now when GCSE Results Day is in 6 days…

Well, You might need to look into other sources as well.. There are other well known version that Buddha didn’t attain Nirvana via compassion alone, in fact compassion wasn’t the crucial factor for the Buddha to start eating. Instead, it was the “middle way” came first.

– 2) tax


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