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Hey dani where can l get good economics notes for A level

He didnt seem very happy, plucked all of his feathers off, always wanted to go back to his cage and at the end he was hungry but the trainer made him work his ass off. Its no wonder he died at 31 when average African Gray’s live over 50.

I dont agree with you on the Watchmen statement, I loved the movie and had no idea of the comic at the time. As a spectator i didnt care if it was the exact replica of the cartoon, i did not think about originality for an instance.

I wonder what would happen if Vsauce meditated

He drew such a perfect circle. Damn.

Hey Mr Clifford, isn’t the Phillips curve the rate of interest and the “unemployment” on the x axis? HAHA but still very funny video!


Thanks a lot, teacher Emma. beneficial tips

More videos like this. Please and thank you.

Two fine books I’ve read this year that readers may not be familiar with are: IN THE FOREST by Edna O’ Brien & UNDER THE SKIN by Michel Faber.

– who says children absolutely need a teacher as opposed to time over the books?

Thank you

You should be getting it, getting it while the getting is good

RIP Stronghold † 🙁

Pretext of assigning guilt. All primitive psychology, the psychology of will, arises

And did you know, that Rome still basically rules – it moves around the world but is still in Europe – The Vatikan but that is not what I mean – the Lion or former sun-god – sounds crazy and partly is – but a lot of it is true

Hello 4chan

Your vid helped me in my exam thx u so much

God man, it’s just getting better and better!


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