This looks fake

Best wishes

I am Kazakh, in my language Scythian pronounce Sakh, the nation name Kazakh means Has-Sakh(real Sakh). in our city Almaty we have The Golden Prince of Sakh. Botai are Sakh also. the first nation of train wilde horse, made kumys and made cart wheel.

We do speak the official language in formal situations…


The democratic prime minister at the time of the referendum, Mehdi Bazargan wanted to provide more options in the referendum but Khomeini was against this.

So beautiful…

Sir do you have Facebook I’d??

Ah, when generalisations are stated as fact. For example, SOME women would love to be held from behind because it would make them feel protected, secure.

I dont blame techonology, I blame social media

I dunno what it is but that one girl is a master at playing the role of someone really unlikeable

It’s very good when I look at your IELTS videos. It’s in very simplified manner and easy to understand. Well my exam is coming soon in this month and I am average in writing. Can you give me some more useful tips to improve my writing. I’m eager to hear from you.

This was great thanks a bunch I’m a mature student so really appreciate this really clear and concise on what to do

Thank you

Kek, good thing imma be an automation developer

Tooooo long

I hope this video got people to look into HP Lovecraft.

Rain coat,


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