Le Petit Prince, St-Exupery

Prince Ea for president

What, no Conrad?

Thank you so much! This is beautiful!!!

I’m going to do economics at uni next year and watching thus gets me so excited, thank you guys 🙂

Indo-Balts*, not Indo-Europeans.

Is this in the same line of Command & Conquer-ish?


Do they think this is the best way to go about bringing a voice to police brutality? It’s only pissing off Americans who respect this country

Poor bob. :'(

She is mentally ill, she needs me because I’m everything she has. And the same goes for me, I would kill to protect her.

Mohit was here

What program do you use to do your videos?

Free Cash Handouts because technology is taking over the world. Not a new idea.


No mention of Alsace lorrain :,(

Thats a sweet living room


I’d like to see William Blake in another Literature video. It would be interesting to see Blake’s progressive views on sexuality, equal treatment of all people regardless of race and gender and religion, and religion.


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