Chomsky (talking about looking up information on the internet): “It’s thanks to the tax payer putting huge amounts of subsidies into developing the high tech system of the next generation, which is handed over to corporations for marketing and profit.”Ouch! Does this also not include Google?

I played a Python programming game years ago that was fun. Keep up the series, this is cool.

Page three hundred and ninety four

Welcome to programming 101!

Dislike just because I don’t like him.

Nice job as usual!

Result: Peach and Mario kiss

Love to do recruitment……….. want to know about Headhunting………

I have my sounds and step 2 was to make ‘a lexicon’. What is a lexicon and how do it I make one? (I know it means [a book] of words but I don’t know if it’s the same here)

Just to clarify, the 20th century spanned from 1901 and 2000. 1900 was still 19th century.

What how was he the most noblest of them all? weird ending.

I believe “Notes from the Gallows” by Julius Fucik is a must to read. I know that stories about WW2 are mainstream nowadays, but this one was special for me and different from others.


Tony is great. Doing some great things for so many people. But.. What Humans Need is — Union with God. Period. We’re Gods creatures. We Need him. And the best thing to focus on is — Jesus!! As Jesus says. Focusing on yourself makes u weak.. Focusing on him makes u Strong. Focus on your Crucified Saviour!! Put Jesus in your life and yul see!! :-). May the peace of The Risen Christ be with u!

Just wow

Says the kkk member lol

Man i am mentally 20 but i’m really 20 XD

I don’t have words

Human race in a nutshell


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