Non native english speaker that cannot pronounce words with clear articulation teaching english writting skills… Seems legit.

Your the queen! just in time the essay i have to write for next week.. yeeeees!


As a Human Resource management identify various ways to deal with stressed work force to ensure they remain productive?

.Nowadays, children’s lifestyle is less active and healthy than it used to be, because of several reasons. Some state that, equal responsibilities should be required from both parents and schools for tackling this problem

I beleive morally that killing someone is wrong no matter what the circumstances is. Who is anyone to say who should live or die. Nobody wants to die and to think that it’s okay for anyone to make that decission is wrong they are not God. Who is to say that they all wouldn’t have been saved by just waiting 3 more days.

(Not in that order, they are all equal)

Can I also paraphrase ‘regular exercise’ by writing ‘to work out on a regular basis’?

Thank you! 🙂

This mixtape is fire!

Moreover in Hindustani, III person pronouns are: Yeh: This (Refers to both He and She) and Woh: That (Same), but in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew and English, it is: Huw, Il, Er, Hu and He respectively (This/That Male) and Hea, Elle, Sie, Hi and She respectively (This/That Female), German and English also have Neutral: Es and It respectively.

Wow 1 million views..this is massive

I’m going to take the cahsee next week and thought to watch the video because the essay is the biggest part in the cahsee

Sounds like Joe bang from Logan Lucky

N sir my request to u to please elaborate the topics so that graduation students will take help from ur videos 🙂

And people still doubt free market capitalism???


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