I wonder if I am manic depressive……….sometimes…….a lot of the time……….I am extremely low, I hate people, I even hate myself…….I hate life…. and just feel very negative and then all of a sudden but only for a very short time, I get an intense feeling of euphoria…….a god like feeling, very powerful, full of energy, but then its gone and back to normal. Wish my mood was more stable.

“Link to the entire audio file can be found in the author comment section”

Very good work for begginers – THANKS A LOT!

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You have to look really far to find some differences. I live in a country with half a million inhabitants and we have more accents than that! we have entire letters, syllables or even words that are different.

Looks like cam girls and adult videos are not changing anytime soon then lol. Its not like a robot can replace a cam girl or anything

Another good example of a short, rolled r is in japanese and korean 🙂

Hi can someone let me know what this air is like? More details? How long is ait? Do you ever see combat?

Umm… actually there is no solid evidence that the Aryans are actually a race or that they expanded into the Indian subcontinent. it is only a theory that was developed in the late 1800s by a few Europeans who believed that their race was superior and used that idea to expand the European influence over India. Added to this fact, many of the Sanskrit works that are counted as myths predate the migration of these people into the subcontinent. The term Aryan was used in the ancient Hindu works as a title for a person who did good deeds.


If you can’t accept any meaning made by others nor made one yourself..

Whats with the Scottish “great” ?

Charlamagne is a wild dude, you can’t say he’s not a regular guy if he has millions.

I don’t really mind.

Underrated sidekick


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