I refuse to have kids in that kind of “world”

Holy shit is that somen from got talint when it shows the photo at 3:01

Please let us stop this madness

And my third eye opened……

I’m a mix of those, so great job narrowing things down ;(

First channel I actually want to patreon to

Humans do not only empathize when it comes to extreme negatives such as these.


Try this:- https://youtu. be/aiFQhTqVh4E

A game of thrones

Is this a weird cult?

Ernest Hemingway used simple language. Trump speaks like an 8-year-old with a developmental delay.

LEGEND thank you

Thank you for this information.

Moar plis

Who’s watching this in 2017

Hmm… If this bird was that smart, then wasn’t he also smart enough to realize that he was a prisoner who would never be free? That the entire rest of his life would consist of “more of the same”— more of learning to perform tests, more of showing off his “skills” for the benefit of his teacher, more of being put on exhibit?

This was absolutely fantastic! This was the third one of your videos I’ve watched, and I’m hooked. Thanks so much for putting all of that hard work into making these videos. I haven’t sniffed out your credentials yet (mostly because your presentations are credible enough), but if you’ve got a book–or if you’re thinking of writing one–I’d be eager to buy it. Plus, it’s be right at home with my other pop-physics books… on an equal level with Greene, Randall, Kaku, and so on. You’ve got it… the brains, the skill for teaching people who are scared of math, and the charming persona to go with it.


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