It looks good. but i’m not paying £68 fora game when i’m not even sure its going to be as epic as they say it will be. AAA games don’t ask for that much. i’ll wait for someone to review it or do a let’s play before i buy.

If you can’t be bothered to listen, you won’t be dothered to read whatever is written to you. Enjout unemployment

Race people in their colonies “castas”.


Wait, they had an ENTIRE YEAR of coffee time?

This guy needs a good memeing someone please do it

What makes us Human? Evolution.

Sir quantitative nd qualitative ko explain kr dijiye

With all due respects to this excellent video, I respectfully submit that you would have reached a greater portion of your listeners had you used German instead of Arabic as the chief example for noun cases. I offer the following two examples.

The map doesn’t make any sens, please research more.

Thank You, for this explanation. I have an argumentative essay due soon and i was so confused on how to structure it correctly. So, I Google searched it and this video showed up. it really helped.

Minorities and biological normality = bad


If only it looked this good.


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