Yay! John is a whovian!!!

[2 of 2] Math, Science and Language — while other topics were benignly pushed to the side, as it was thought that you could not earn a living… since the digital revolution, this very concept has been tilted upsidown where creative endeavors are now most important for the job, however, the school systems have not adapted with the changing times… our children are still our future and this is exactly what needs to be addressed if our nation wants to remain competitive on the world stage…


I though at the very least The Book Thief deserved an honorable mention if not a spot on this list…

This is bullshit. period.

RTS Star Wars game which is a little like this.

Thank you this is really helpful. can you make more of the 2017 ones please

Holy crap.. that’s the guy who voiced pudge in dota 2..

Https://youtu. be/1od_7znkTgY

Whats the name of the song during the trailer??

This had me dead asf

This is retarded. Only white people.

What was the question? colorsmush

I know how to speak, read and write American English. I am interested in learning how to speak Norwegian or French. If anyone wants to teach other, contact me! Thanks.

Off topic… sorry…. I just want to break people in half when they hold up horrible labor markets as capitalist super stars. And maybe that is the most important thing to mention, that saying countries can’t be defined as easily in the “free market” vs “planned economy” spectrum, completely side stepped the reality that American capitalism isn’t.

No KKND 2? Man, this game was my childhood…

I don’t get this video


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