Washington post is fake news i cant wait to see these fuckers lynched in the streets

Why are you commenting, your opinion is offensive 😛

What about seasonal unemployment


If you dismiss him as a mumble rapper after watching this video, you’re stuck in rap music’s past. With time, things evolve even if you deny it

1:50 I had headphones so the scare….doesn’t count

Hey, can you send me your notes as well? my email is thank you

Were da fuck is harry potter

I’m seeing a lot of aggression going around about the whole “Nietzsche was a nihilist” stuff, which I agree was pretty much wrong. It’s understandable, but I believe I remember (though could be wrong) that Nietzsche did go through a phase of nihilism, at least for a short while, before coming to existentialism. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Very useful programme on research writing

Delhi CC walon ki monopoly khatam…

Including 9 English language novels to represent the world, literature is not fair, when there is Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, African, French Latin American and much more. Let me pick 10 and another 10 for honourable mentions.

No thanks, I like nice stuff

Is the owner of brusspup a guy or a girl

(status form) as / like dogs = kutyákként / ebekként (essive-formalis)

This was very helpful thanks a lot.

A very lucid and simple way to learning to improve one’s written communication. I being a free lance trainer, teaching PG students, find it quite informative and practical guide for crisp expression. Thanks for all this

Alguien mas apenas verlo pensó en Little Inferno?

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Test in an hour. rip me


“THE SCIENCE OF ACHIEVEMENT” that’s a good one


Cantor used this method not to show other things, but only to prove it’s uncountable. He didn’t assume the numbers have to be put in a random way whatsoever.


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