Loved the video and especially the background music at the beginning of the video. It kind of has a ritualistic feeling, the mysterious atmosphere and ambience it creates, it’s like witchcraft being performed or a spell being cast.

Very sad! Human beings are such assholes

Thank you for this. I was making it harder than it needed to be!

Dear US government as an American I’m tired of other countries hating us I’m tired of the American people taking what you actually deserve. you represent us and you have dragged the American people in your BS with no accountability. making deals with the right-hand man of the devil is the same as making deals with the Devil himself. the American people are finally getting involved with our country we did stand by and do nothing and shame on us for that

Some time ago I stumbled upon this video. I’d have to say that the message that it provides was relevant back in ’94-’96 when I was at MSU. Dr Wesch, I wish I would have had a professor like you. At least you’re someone with ‘depth’ to make people think instead of the study/puke classes I endured most of my life.

We must praise god, that some people are poor and suffering because that is what allows us to exploit them and live our rich and happy lives. if these people were not poor we would be forced to work ourselves and shave valuable resources with other people.

I think every man has individual right to life even if we compare it to life’s of many. That’s what makes us human, we live with some principles and moral. In case of man driving car it’s like compulsion to choose between 5 or 1 but in case of fat man in other story it looks like “choice” and if it’s about choice then everyone has right to choose about their own at individual level whether they want to sacrifice or not?

Europeans are fuckheads, seriously.

He’s obviously really sick during this time…but look at the man’s passion. His sickness is invisible when he’s talking about his baby – Apple.

Thank you bro for helping me pass my starr test 💯

I look at the industry, look what it did to me


Neat video but i cant help but notice how seemingly effortlessly beautiful the host is ahhh

My handwriting changes everyday

Sir is there any pdf for this cousre notes or any thing 😃😃

Cmon youre trolling

Ted talks need more talks from “polyglots” about how easy it is to be a “polyglot” and how easy and original the speakers method is.

I scored a 250. So 16-21. I’m nineteen. Works for me.

2) the Grimm legacy


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