Who did he consult for this video?! There are so many errors in this video, undisputed factual errors, I can’t even sift through all of them. Even wikipedia does a better job. Oh, and I’ve heard butchering of names and words before, but he didn’t even try to pronounce anything with ANY sort of effort.

Great video and very easy to understand!

With the trolley car driver and the notion of killing the one worker and pushing the fat man over the bridge… the way I see it is, in the first scenario you have to kill someone, so you might as well minimize the damage. With the second one, you have the option of not killing anyone at all.

El violador 3000 😀

Empire Earth, Red Alert 3

“If there was only one government monopoly producing cars, do you think they would be produced efficently?” – Now think about it:

John Gray you make a valid point but my opinion is that it would be accurate across the board for most college students in America.

Neoclassical nonsense.

This really helped me, thank you 💕

The timing of your music, as you speak, is nice.


Infinite minus infinite

This Rockefeller-sponsored ‘queer’ and criminal fraud isn’t exposed for what he was in gay culture,

It´s funny that feminism is basically an ideology of pseudo-intelectual males, but most of women hate it.

How dare you to look at the comments?! NO APPLE PIE FOR YOU

Timestamps would be nice


Crash Course on Byzantine & Modern Greek History (500-1453-1821-Present)

Thanks presenter sis

“Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred,” published in 1975;

That’s one of the reasons I want to be an anthropologist 🙂 You shouldn’t worry about us not liking this, this was one of the best episodes!

I wait 4 it

Aryan is pronounced as /ˈɛəriən/, i. e., with first vowel and ‘r’ sounds as in ‘are’, derived from Sanskrit word आर्य (romanization : ‘ārya’, meaning : ‘noble’) and as Sanskrit is pronounced as it’s written, it’s known with high certainty that this pronunciation is correct.


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