India and their bows and arrows stopped working due to the high

You can use language to create a brand? In short he is a bullshit spewing con artist who appeals to the uneducated, caveman sexist, trailer park wanna be successful like Trump but the blacks have taken the opportunities that will lead me out of poverty, racists.


Its that simpleton

His voice doesn’t mach his body

I didn’t know that Dennis Reynolds is a dialect coach.

My handwriting is none of these…

This is better than ______

Thanks man

The wrong things and the bad things,

What a cuck you are



19:00 absolutely spot on! When we have so-called “gpod” lives, and yet still feel bad, we tend to say “Get, some things not right, I have everything I could want, and yet I feel horrible”, and we tend to seek help.

Come on already: All it takes is to be UTTERLY SHAMELESS with a straight face. (which is something psychopaths are especially good at too)

“united the fact that they cant fucking stand each other” omg im dying lol

Could you possibly do 25mark structure for the new edexcel board? Thanks and love your videos!

Thank you very much, you’ve done a great job.😘


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