Great show! Been watching since ep 1, and The Shaft (rip) before that!

“You may get through it, but you’ll never be 37 again.”

Yo my homie Wolfgang is dope


Hi Liz, i have a question regarding the IELTS writing task 2. If i get an argumentative essay in the question paper can i go for a neutral answer? Or do i have to give only one basic idea like i agree/i disagree?


The issue I have is with this question it is based on the presupposition that you have to choose between a duality/dichotomy that is based on a hypothetical reality, an illusion, essentially. “There is a right and wrong, good or bad, one choice will punish one will reward.” Either way you will be caught in contradiction, because it has nothing to do within our immediate sensual experience, its all up in the head like the boogeyman.

French is my mother tongue and unfortunately when he spoke french, he did mistakes with the pronunciation and grammar. I don’t know if the other languages are good or not. I only speak english, spanish and french. However, this man is incredible, seven languages it’s impressive and even if there are some mistakes, we can communicate with him easily in seven languages!

Great video but speak waaay to fast.

Wow AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that the 10 million are otakus. Don’t be shy, yes im too.

Ich kaufe häufig bücher

Ayer, swamy, rajan and chidambaram all are tamils lol

I love you man

Very good explanation. Time to keep going with my paper, thank you.

Bhai aaram se padha kahan jana hai tujhe

LOL, these were my theories in high school. I’ve been following Rifkin’s work since 1975. He got a few things wrong with the science in this (I could send a list), although overall he did a good job.

~The Wizard, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum

The idea of questioning scientific dogma or most aspects of consensual reality is simply unimaginable to most people,

Thanks you mam its very useful 🙂


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