They laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with the Skinnimaker Diet, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for the Skinnimaker Diet to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

A E I O U. So this is the alphabet.

Taking Microeconomics by distance ed. My instructor is useless, He gave me the text book and told me to read it. My exam is in 2 days. He gave no notes, no assignments, no power points, no nothing… I asked him for help and he gave me a glossary of terms and an online version of the textbook. Thank you for your help. I wish I found your videos earlier!

I agree

Here’s a written example for an Upper-Styrian dialect, spoken in Central-Austria. I’ve tried to translate it roughly to Standard German and English.

Time to go ace my econ test

Compared to the german Rap-King Kollegah Eminems rhymes seem very basic.

AC/DC \m/

Can you label the y axis on the Phillips Curve “Price Level” instead of Inflation?

Tiny criticism: Your title is wrong. The interplay between households and enterprises is not really a subject of macroeconomics but microeconomics. In fact all you talk about is individual markets which is microeconomics, how consumer and producers maximize their efficiency and so on. Macroeconomics would be trade relationships, reasons for inflation, monetary policy, etc. Which would be interesting but is kind of missing. I would recommend to have one episode on economic systems (this one) and one on the more contentious topic of different schools of macroeconomics (i. e. Keynesian, Monetarist, Austrian, Real Business cycle, etc. Just an idea.


Plz tell me how can i improve my hand writing………..plz……plz………plz……plz sir

Ya, this is the definition of 2016 – 2017

I’m curious about these Runes. I dont remember which video is this or where am i read this but Paul was talking about his studies Arabic, Hebrew and this “Old English”.So maybe its hard for Paul to see this comment but are there any people who interested in these topics? I mean Runes, Old English and Germanic languages and their relation. I asked because i’m a Turk and our ancient language “Göktürkçe” was written with similar alphabet. Actually it is so similar to Runes. You can search if you would like. -“Orkhon inscriptions” which are solved by Danish linguist and Turkologist Vilhelm Thomsen. Another similarity is Szekely/Old Hungarian alphabet. I guess that one can be related to Atilla or maybe i am wrong? Are there any connection? Asia and Europe?

This is real music

For anyone who says “I want to wait until its done to but it.” If you wait until its done, it WON’T GET done, This is on Kickstarter, which requires people to buy it before it comes out for the game to get done.

Archie Bunker at best.

Any body noticed fkc

Numericals to aap kara hi ni rhe vaise nice teaching sir thank you 🙂


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