Wow, great advices! I really apply these tips not only in a test, but speaking English too… Thanks so much!

(I’m 11)

Your voice is legendary. Stay shiny bro

Im 15 and i watch this to make my self feel smart…

Great video keep going

If you like Beethoven then you need to check this out:

Pure fluff from Washington Post.

3cerrar la puta boca……….muchas gracias por la puta vida……….mal nacido

At the end, ‘she say’s ‘creating an authentic persona that people will pay attention to.’ O. K. you mean like JUST BE YOURSELF.

There is a strong wish to nuchitsya also to know English!

A friend told me that she watched another version of this video which is longer and has a happy ending. Is that true? I cannot find any video like that.

Great video. I see what you mean but for alot of these examples, it’s not exactly intertextuality. It’s a kind of allusive transtextuality but in order for it to be intertextuality, it needs to be just that: allusive. Some of these examples are remakes or cinematic adaptations and I don’t think those count as intertextuality. When I think of intetextuality, I think of subtle reference; something that isn’t even noticeable at its surface so I don’t think something like the film adaptation of Watchmen could be labeled as a product of intertextuality.


Frodo is not human

Why does the camera move with your hands? lol forget about the haters tho you are awesome! the best! literally a life saver. keep it up!

Im multilingual… and i really dont know how and when i became one, but i did… (serbian, english, german, russian, korean and japanese although im not 100% perfect in japanese)

You should start cod black ops 3


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