Which pen are you using for English writing?

This woman’s body language is MAD UNCONFIDENT. I would totally assume she’s bullshitting me with a canned answer. I would dig and dig and no doubt have her in tears bc I’m sure this front is just a veneer, and if I didn’t get a genuine vibe from her by the end of my question, I’d never hire her. this is an awful, rambling example.

Great video. Well done.



Thank you Miss Emma

Thank you! Really. Before watching this, I didn’t understand absolutely nothing about Elasticity and you made it so clear!

He’s cute

It’s so painful to watch jack not realise that jump is a loop ;_;

Uhhhh tl is also prominent in inuit societies

I have not watch the Matrix yet. But based on the this tutorial learned, I don’t think we are enslaved. People work to satisfy self-interests. As long as we enjoy our works or as a student, keep building up human capital to better fit into workplaces in future, we are not in slaved or fully controlled. Hopefully, we could be fairly paid based on our value created in society. This way, we will be satisfied and enjoyable.

Volo ut in pace requiesceam…

It, s very will thanks,,



Very helpful, keep up the good teaching

Thank you for doing an episode on theory, much appreciated.

Can you answer this question please:

The comments are full of pretentious lil sprouts 😂 y’all so cute and naive


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