When you increase your voice it was like a real teacher is in front of me.

Omggg that’s so crazy, I applied to Lancaster because I had no idea what to put as my 5th, the course looked amazing but I’ve never been and have no idea what it’s like 😂😂


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Remember when this video wouldn’t leave the front page of youtube? Those were the good old days!

The core problem here is that history is dangerously manipulable. For Foucault ideals of ‘history lessons re-purposed’ to work the study of history cannot be driven by political, financial or romantic agenda…

Jack has changed (with enthusiasm and loudness) a lot over the years


This was so helpful!!! you do so well to keep your channel going through all of your exams i know i couldn’t do it. please do a maths one next week! xxxx

This video is terrific! Theme is so hard to teach, and I love how, although your approach is step-by-step, it’s not just an algorithm–it requires a ton of critical thinking and reflection. I am going to use this strategy with my fourth grade students. Thank you for sharing, I think your students are lucky to have you.


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Interesting that Trump really can flush out the elitist bigots out there. Good to read what they thing of those lesser than them. The modern version of feudal aristocracy—not sounding so noble in this era. Peasants won’t tolerate their abuses much longer.

Hi there, I just subscribed to your youtube channel. Please do the same for me, thanks!

U speaks of Buddhism even better than some practicing Buddhist i knew.

Unless of course you give it a consciousness and take it through the motions of a human life. Then you might get something similar to a human mind.

2) how many halpy pills did she have to huff to agree with this brainchild of a trainwreck?

Like a person fleeing a fire saying he has “put out” the fire

The only difference I can garner from her differentiation of gender performativity and gender performance is that gender performativity is less concrete in that it produces the effects of consolidating an impression rather than enacting a specified role as with gender performance. Is this correct?

They took our jobs!!!


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