That’s my assessment as a person that hopes to continue to take many many notes on your videos and very much enjoys them.

100 years of solitude.

I demand USD’s and supply EUR’s.

Congratulations, you’ve collated all the common myths about body language into one place.

Thanks for posting this, it’s very informative but it might have to watch it again! I’m studying Scottish Gaelic and they use Genitive case a lot to show possession and for other possessive like functions such as “color of the house” becomes “the house’s color”. Plus nominative and dative case. My teacher uses these terms without really explaining what they mean. So this video is really helpful.

Let’s say that you are a farmer. You grow crops, you sell your crops and then you earn money from which you get other vital services like medicine, or court. You need them because you are a human being. A human being needs things, but a robot does not. A robot does not contain life within it, but a human being does and to sustain that life a human being needs things. A human at the same time is not a very smart object like a robot, it cannot learn as fast as a robot. So it specializes on a certain activity, and earns a translation factor i. e money, so it can get all the services it needs for it’s survival. It’s not money per se that a human being needs, but the services for it’s survival and comfort.

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“Frizon, a chill”

Existentialism? don’t even get me sartred


Aweeee man… thank you. so good to know there’s other people like myself. I can’t tell you how incredibly difficult it is to go through my day and talk to other people, when this is the stuff that fills the majority of my thoughts and most people I come across are more interested in badmouthing eachother or the kardashians or some other shit…. anyway thanks again, it was infinitely awesome ; )

Who remembers club penguin?!

Wow, this is amazing. 😀

Well my job just quadruple cause I’m a technician that’s repairs machines with computers to bad for the rest of you guys.

But more importantly I am still unable to do the thing with my pinky and thumb.

Under 301 club

1:36 Hidden Hand acknowledged

Man, if only they knew what they were missing.

Since there not adding dubstep can some please make a mod for that 😀

Thank you 🙂 Yes I should have stated in the video that to get good at this you’ll have to practice. I’m working on some practice videos now to help people. They’ll be free of course.

1.) What about over stimulation?

This crap sucks why you listen too it go listen to pop music

Excellent video. more please


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