Thank you for the video! I too am on my professional journey toward my EdD. Watching a video helps bring together the text and files the professor has given me. I will be sure to watch other videos as well!

Fema is getting ready for Nemesis

Students don’t want to do homework, they don’t want to study, they don’t make flashcards, take notes, they don’t know how to use a library online or in person, they can’t understand a vocabulary higher than sixth grade reading level because they don’t read beyond the casual social writing that permeates the easy social media they consume. In short, they feed on intellectual candy and choke on anything nutritious and then blame the cooks for not putting vitamins in their candy.

I am a new Econ student and I’m sooo thankful I stumbled upon your videos! You are truly talented and made me fall in love with Economics already! I bought your packet and I can’t believe you are only selling it for $10, because it is totally worth it! YOU ROCK MR. CLIFFORD!

So, crazyop2, I disagree. Did you live a hundred years ago? No. Yes conditions on a global scale were different, but that means that what was considered ‘better’ then is completely different from what is ‘better’ now. If people never complained about problems with the system to make things ‘better’, there would be no progress. So, get things ‘in perspective’. It’s just a video, and it raises a valid point; maybe it’s time for the educational system to change.

Large-scale infrastructural and environmental/urban cleanup projects sure could employ a shitload of people and generate a lot of tourism… but no that’s socialism and therefore verboten. How about mandatory service or a draft? Just spit-balling here.

That is a really nice belt buckle sir

I like the girl better

Acting so so interesting. this is so interesting ♥️

I’m still gonna kill it

I came here from a dude who said they reuploaded a video

Literature is not a tool…


Good stuff.


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