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The Modern System is teaching to label for instance a Creationist and Geocentric as a Cultist. And with Noam Chomsky we get as high as we can in tracking where that comes from.

That was awesome sir It helps me a lot in understanding the topics THANKS ALOT

Can you do a couple episodes on 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup? I feel like there’s a lot of symbolism even though it’s an autobiography and was wanting to learn more about it

Analyze This. LOL – I copied the fight choreography of the Matrix subway duel between neo and smith… it’s pretty funny to have it typed out. For example: Neo step into dummy left punch followed by right punch, smith deflects by right upper outside forearm block. Neo left and right punch salvo, blocked by smith with respective outside forearm blocks followed by smith right punch to chest, neo catches with chest crossed forearm block, but then smith does one-inch punch to chest (contact) followed by driving left punch to chest (contact) – Smith wins round. Score: Smith 4 rounds win – Neo 2 rounds win. Neo floored and coughs blood. But then rises with defiant upper and lower outside forearm blocks stance followed by right arm on-guard stance with patronising hand beckon to smith. bip.

Sc~ xmolly_griffinx

You are realy clever

If the situation in which murder occurred, would not that be a justification for assisted suicide? And if we are all not considered equal, would that not dismiss any defense of cannibalism no matter what the reasoning?

Kunta Kinte!


What is not Camus who thought up the concept of “the absurd”? He also insisted he wasn’t an existentialist. I’d like to hear more on this to help me make the dots connect

Next top 10: graphic novels: superhero and non superhero

Trust yourself!!!!!

Rest in peace you amazing human being

More of this!

This is the first time I ever said to someone on youtube, I love you

Acting is too much….

The first minute has me in fucking tears. kids are soooooo precious. its impossible not to melt seeing their giggly innocent faces. i want to hug every one of them. those with dirty tattered clothes too. i love them all. how can you not.


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