So basically,

Did you know, that in Luxembourg, we speak so much german as french, the only exeption is in luxembourg-city, there they speak very many french

Mine would be unreadable.

Crime and Punishment, One Hundred Years Of Solitude.

You nailed it! thank you!

“The belief that you can accomplish any task no matter the odds, difficulty, adversity.” This is a definition of psychosis.

Great video. You give a lot of clear, useful information in under 5 minutes. Thanks!

It totally connects to my characters!! it’s really greatπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Bless your soul

Click jacks face for a surprise ;D

It is full of grammar cases as all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, even verbs themselves inflect all the time to the degree that we “The Arabs” never use all these forms in our daily spoken Arabic. Moreover, most of us, apart from Arabic language specialized and those who use Arabic in different formal aspects, don’t know even the standard rules, like me πŸ™

If falling prices are bad because people would save their money rather than spend it, how is the electronics industry flourishing?

I have my lit exam tomorrow and this video is the perfect way for me to waste time and yet be productive. Thanks


I just wanted to say thanks! I bought the study guides watched all the videos and passed both microeconomics and macroeconomic CLEP exams.

Where can I find the sample written critique?

Janice from Friends suddenly sounds pleasant…

These are constructed to cause doubt over the principle of saving lives, but the reasons they cause this doubt are not because of the principle but because of extenuating circumstances.


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