Spider-Man homecoming looks very very nice.

Why do I have the feeling, that they r stealing heavily from SupCom? xD… well: there are worse inspirations for a RTS game… but offcourse: SupCom [1] >>>> SupCom 2 (“>>>>” ? – yes: so much better!) … but the scale is far smaller… so it is rather like the second. . . =/

Who says Jim had to kill the person he shot? All he to do was shoot somebody; so he could have shot them in the foot and then demanded that the soldier keep his word.

Now you have passed your exams, would you be able to do another one of these videos when you have time for tips?? i’m in year 11 and dreading my exams


I lost 450 ETH in jaxx wallet

Charlemagne is such a fucking prick, why the hell is he even on the show still?

Más más naaaaaa!

Thug notes for history?

I’m gonna suggest Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It’s my most favorite book on all entire earth and the galaxy’s and universe itself!


Plz reupload this clip. Your voice is clear but the room is little bit darker.

I thank you so much instead of confusion and fear, I am now excited beyond measure. Your 3 minutes brought back a stir of memories of what work I’ve completed in my past. Writing is a art to me, you my friend have a art in teaching. my true gratitude to you. Once again thank you. Lalena

Cuando decis que lo vas a dejar en la descripcion avon de tengo que mirar


This is just sad. Just sad


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