Please do more of the Crash Course Literature…

4:20 I I I I I I I I IS

Skin color is determined by one thing only “How close your ancestors land is situated in relation to distance from the equator”. GOD knew to make people living closest to HIS son darker, & those living furthest away lighter. This was done FOR the SURVIVAL of the human race.

Is amazing the power of this song…

Wtf did I just watch? Just a dude from the hood. My head hurts tho

#elvis wanna be

This video is magic. Thank you!

Where is The Stranger?

Thank you AC-DC Leadership and Economic Crash Course. With your help Mr. Clifford I did my first semester amazing as my syllabus was covered by your microeconomics videos but this time I am facing difficulty in dealing with consumption, investment, and debt management. Would you mind to do those videos soon?


The lesson is good

Anyone else here for NaNoWriMo?

I worked with a company that analyzed how to use body language among other things to dramatically improve negotiations over 2 years. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we discovered.

He speaks his mind charmagne dont know how to turn down sometime, while he is selling you his bullshit..too goofy..idk there was a brother in pharma like that in that time frame..great story he needs a movie so this can motivate other black folk to dive into the pharmaceutical making if there are any. No publicity is bad publicity so i know the wu ain’t mad they prolly laughing their ass off to de bank..

Great video. Thanks.


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