The comment section is filled with people you don’t want to deal with (if you have any kind of intelligence that is) if this comment is on the top then you should probably return and if not then you might have seen the comments by which you can conclude

16 – 21… I’m twelve.

There are so many demeaning and overly sexual portrayals of women in social media and just society in general, it would be pointless to get offended by it all, not to say that it’s acceptable and that we shouldn’t at least try to call out misogyny when we see it, but we should be able to tell the difference between a piece of artwork, an innocent joke or a nine year old troll somewhere on the internet and straight up sexism without immediately blowing our tops at the sight of either. Yes, misogyny is a big problem, one we need to fix, but we’ll achieve nothing by trying to yell our arguments over eachother.

Dove posso trovare questo film con le scritte in italiano?

I think Rick DOES care! But he has to hide it and mask it with cruel apathy. Maybe he’s doing it to protect himself or run from his emotions, maybe it’s more sinister than that. In a multiverse that crazy its possible Rick knows other enemies are out there. Lurking. For instance it’s been pretty much proven that Rick and morty and gravity falls are linked. In the second show there’s a character called Bill Ciper who’s essentially an evil god who sees everything. It’s probably something like that exists more specifically in the rick and morty show! Maybe even Bill himself? Who knows? Also it’s shown that rick knows he’s in a show. Maybe that’s why he’s so apathetic to keep things interesting and keep fans guessing to prolong the show’s (and by extension) his own and his family’s existence.

So called president trump and his endless in your face bloviating sententious bombast makes me physically sick… quite literally.

Thank you so very much, you are able to make me understand the concept of recruitment and selection within 43 mins. may god bless you.

Can we re-do this exam in year 11?

That’s so metal.

Because nature will thank you in the long-run.

Granth shaib tell shudra should SERVICE OTHERS…pg 469…The Way of the Khshatriya is the Way of bravery; the Way of the Shudras is service to others

I feel like the outsiders by se Hinton should be on here but I do get why the book is not on the list as it isn’t as widely known or old as these other books on the list

Its all a myth

What makes people gay?

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,

Yes, more yes, definitely. Playing Warzone 2100 right this second ^^ ….command and Conquer lost it for me after generals, Z was fun, Star Wars Empire at War is EPIC! Thing is however, nothing comes close to Empire at Wars Galactic Conquest….where by battles are arranged in a Theatre of War Scenario. I believe C&C Kanes Wrath had a go but with little impact…for me personally anyway. I would spend money playing this game, but I have to say no wonder RTS players like me are picky… Funding in the early days was grand, and so was the out come. I guess most RTS fans are introverted generally speaking, like getting blood out of a stone, the interest is there…..just hidden ^^


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