What in the hell is this lady talking about? Does she like the fucker or not?

You guys are absolutely killing it. 👌

She sounds a bit like Lacey (Noureen DeWulf) from anger management.

Animism masked as Christianity.

I speak 4 Languages and I’m 15 ! it’s not that deal but I hope to learn more in the futur ❤️


@jazzx251 you are speaking about communism in a very vague term, communism can vary and pure communism is actually a better more fair system than a democratic society.

I have to say thanks to Crash Course for this series, its really cool and engaging, and is helping me in my current course.

I am an Internet philosophy addict

Hi! Thanks for the videos could I possibly get the notes? –

i) if he does, good.

They need to make a peaceful translator for Trump

How statement of a problem relates with the background of a problem?

To be strict about it, the 20th Century were the years 1901-2000 AD (and not 1900-1999 AD). The 1st Century consisted of the years 1-100 AD. There was no Year Zero.

Hii madm: i am so weak in writing my requirement is 5.5 but i have gotten 5 band can you give me ideas please my grammer is also weak give me ideas please i have seen your videos you have a good guidance i like it

RIP snake 1 like = 1 prayer

19:17 Illuminati confirmed.

Is this applicable to all the cultures out there? I don’t think so :/

I’m just a fly on the wall!


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