Your name is very Scandinavian! I thought for sure you were Norwegian before you spoke.

Thank you, this information was fantastic for my last minute essay

Imagine if animals and trees can talk I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they want humans to disappear I feel helpless😓

This is exactly what my trail of thoughts have been during my teens to now; so now I have a word for it, I guess😏

Dont get the part where the supply shifts to S1….does it really shift? It can’t because if the suppliers increase their supply their prices increase right, so the people who then were able to pay the equilibrium price cannot pay the current price!!

The joker only breaks out because it’s relevant to the story/sales of the comics.

“Your scent is like a drug to me

The priest predicted that he would either become the emperor of ” lumbini” a place in Nepal where buddha was born and where is father was king, where he was prince. Not the emperor of india….or either he would become a monk. the king of India ” ashoka” came to Nepal during the time of king “sthunko” during kirant dynasty and became buddhist. His daughter ” Charumati” was married to prince of one of the state of Nepal.

I am a junior in high school and this video has answered the questions I’ve always had about the structure of an essay for so long! The outline is so clear now, it’s like a whole new world!! Seriously I love your humor – it’s hard to make an educative video be enjoyable and you absolutely nailed it! Subscribed 🙂

You can stroke my PVC pipe anytime 😉

Thank you so much. I finally understand this such easy concept.

Thank you. You did a great job. I found it very helpful.

Is Mike the most gorgeous man, or what? Handsome, intelligent, funny, dorky… I drool every time.

Think about how the tongue is curving. To pronounce the “ou” in “house” or “about”, the tongue curves upwards, like the end of a canoe, whereas the way they’re pronounced in the US (at least in Wisconsin) the tongue is curved downward to meet the roof of the mouth to complete those sounds, like a wave that hasn’t crested. I’d imagine that the use of the French language would have something to do with the way that played out

It’s simple, Jesus. Jesus was the perfect sinless human being, he was perfect and good. If people just were to be good, to is problem could be solved.


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