No novels by Jane Austin, no Hemmingway, not even Gone With the Wind? You need to do another top 10 list.

Thank you, your example helped me greatly.

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Thug is the GOAT ❤️

This test is absolutely retarded lol I don’t have the mental age of an old man just because I like to life healthy and enjoy classical music

Whew! Thanks to your videos, I’m finally understanding why my problem statement lacks clarity.

I think that Spanish will eventually become the lingua franca. Mexico is rising up, and her population keeps growing.

Everyone has issues worse to better it’s to be a great person is to accept it and use it as a weapon, instead of being insecure to hiding it in shame to admitting your “normal” define normal no one is “normal”.

YES!!!! EA can go stuff themselves with their F2P C&C game. I’m glad there are still companies making games for gamers!

The boy was an orphan.

Just a bit of advice Coming from someone who is the same age and is also a student, getting a part time job to earn money for travel is a long process when you don’t have any experience yet. Ive been applying for about 6 months now and I’ve still not got anywhere. I love the video though and enjoy the gap year!❣🛫

Most beautiful teacher ever.

Absolutely eye opening.. thamks alot..

0:57 is thug getting butt fucked or sum😂😂

So what jobs or careers are safe?

Wheres the argument of how the women got the scholarships? Of how they outnumber men in colleges quite substantially? Or of the complete and utter bias the court system holds towards women and against men? Or the male suicide rate? Or the male homeless? We always speak of female issues, but males seem to be left out. In a male dominated society, surely these would be flipped? I believe we have been fed so much talk of the ‘Evil White Male’ that it seems that when equality sped up, the complaining never declined. Leading to there being an imbalance with cultural priorities. Instead of the magnitude of the issue we are now focusing on who the issue effects, when in reality it should be the other way around. And instead of focusing on the feelings potentially being hurt of some women (though not to discredit the issue as it is a problem) maybe the men of the world should get some love.

Thaaaaaaaaanks thanks what is about reading


Thank you so much. You’re way better than my teacher lol.

China has been criticised on One Child Policy for decades because western propaganda takes it against human rights. In my opinion, in certain extend, it was against human rights, but when I look into a bigger scale picture, it had helped lots of proverties jumped out from stravation and suffering. To me, the basic human right is a person can survive and living healthly, then they can start to persuit more happiness and work on their dreams.

He is an expert


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