Jewish. It’s true.

How long should be the essay?


Absolute gold!!

Pure bunk.

Hey, today I’d like to give you a present, check my channel information, you will like it!

It has good animation i guess.

I wonder if why we struggle so much with the idea of not working, at the end of the day if robots do all our jobs eventually the government or some powerful organisation will have to do something with us maybe money might not be all that important anymore or the government will create mass benefits that are no longer seen as something poor people use but something everyone uses or we all die off before any of this can happen because WE ARE DESTROYING THE EARTH ya know? i think we shouldn’t worry about it so much and just accept it.

This looks like great fun! Keep going!

This is our reality now.

Banach-Tarski can make a whole sphere into equal same size sphere of size of sphere we begin with but does it has only half the weight can this make another paradox infinitely splitting Banach-Tarski’s way could make a sphere of zero mass. can you do the math for me @vsauce

And that such study necessarily casts doubt not only on the research but on the motives

Thank you for the paper 2 videos and i followed every step you stated and got an A!!!!

Dün erkek arkadaşınla partiye gittin “mi”? -> emphasizes the verb

Tremendous video!

Im sorry but this is not how the languages evolved and this video is very misleading


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