1984? Catch 22?

Maybe I am related to Jack Benny, but I cringed when I saw you tear apart those dollar bills.

Sir you are a good teacher

@9:02 i thought it was cause he cheated and then lied about it for years?

Awesome I loved it, you helped me, thanks

Mast video sir

I got 16-21 which makes a lot of sense but I feel like my mental age should have been 4-9 just because I related to that lol

I do think linguistics and field-linguistics is important in an academic world. For intellectuals to study and breakdown a language.

Anyone else doing homework??

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• Law should only intervene when society, the ‘right-minded’ citizenry,

Yup, true idiots, first, getting up close and pushing a fat man becomes more personal than the first situation, whatever. Second on the boat, regardless of how many people it can’t matter. Take this into account: Susan next door has 10 kids and no one knows they are struggling. She murders someone walking by her house. Is that suppose to be ok? All homeless people, can they go into people’s houses all the time for shelter for the weather that could be deadly. Think of how many homeless people could be saved. People are clueless and i wish i could tell him these points because dumb students make the professor believe he is soo smart by always saying stupid things. Lol

As others have noted…Tony Robbins has an excellent stage presence (he’s about 6’7, deep voice, etc), is very articulate, and and exudes charisma. He reminds me of the various pastors I observed from the plethora of churches I attended in my youth…and similar to how church members were encouraged to tithe and donation plates would be sent around, if you visit Tony’s website as of 11/29/15 you can get the full Tony Robbins experience via his seminars ranging in price from $700–$3000. I acknowledge that in his TED Talks Tony has an excellent point in that giving back is an essential part of the human experience (this is not groundbreaking as most major religions emphasize it as well). However if the material which Tony presented during this TED Talks represents the foundation of his self-help program, I think one would be much better served by taking the following 8 steps as an alternate path to self-help…and it won’t cost $700 to get started: 1) start meditating daily; 2) read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”; 3) read “Aikido and the Harmony of Nature”; 4) read and understand the key lessons of Confucius and Buddha; 5) take a Philosophy course at a community college; 6) meditate on what Jesus said was the greatest commandment in the Bible at Matthew -40 (do not become bogged down in religious dogma…rather interpret the word God to mean simply “the source of all goodness” ); 7) clean up your diet and exercise regularly; 8) ask yourself the following key questions “How can I make a good living while doing something I love?” and “How can I make a positive difference in the world?” and then act on the results…if you’re lucky giving back to the world and your profession might intersect (e. g. being a teacher, doctor, writer, artist, etc).

What were they speaking about, the “secret elite place”


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