I dont get these guys… He is talking bullshit, obvious stuff, that everyone knows (sun is yellow, stars are white, cocain is expensive)… But wait he is getting paid for that? I mean is someone that stupid to buy a ticket for his show? 1 beer in good old Tavern has 1000x better impact, than hours to listening these guys…

>credits authenticity and the absurd with Sartre instead of Heidegger and Camus respectively

Risk management is must in development of medical devices

So Morgan Freeman Nails all of those points.

Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons

Where is the video he is talking about?

Youtube was broken for a day.

Read ‘Perfume’…

Emma u r so pretty and sweet, so helpful love u!!

Sidenote: Sharif comes across as a right condescending arsehole.

Nice mohawk.


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