I think more effort should go into crafting a quality story to give new films longevity. Nobody is going to watch Jurassic World in 20 years because Jurassic Park is so much better. Nobody is going to watch Terminator: Gyenisiys when T1 and T2 are vastly more entertaining due to their nature of simply being well-made movies.

Wow! I’m speechless!

4. [kx]

Please put video on AD and AS too!! pleaseee!!! it would be great help… please let me know..when you ll do that i can wait with petience

This is super interesting. Maybe I’ve had too much whisky.

What this pollution are they afraid of? in which way will they get polluted?

Scrolls through comments, hoping not to see: “Okay?” “Okay.”

Other people gave a lot of tips, but I was as confused as Jack tbh

I am so exited for you!!!!

Dennis Reynolds telling me about movie accents?

No open letter?

Delivered on it… please, there is close to no features in PA xD

I know Chinese and English, and Chinese doesn’t have inflections at all. Makes the grammar a piece of cake, but makes learning other languages a headache because of things like this.

Should I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?

“the reservation system discriminates against the upper class”

This is stupid and gay.

I’ve heard it has some similarities to Esperanto (another con-lang [That’s been around for quite a while], that the Box Ghost spoke in Danny Phantom)

When a documentary makes you cry 6 minutes in, you know, that you’re in for a ride

1:08 Fat guy: USA People carrying USA: Mexico


Does anyone know who’s the person at 1:15:05?


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