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You can tell by the editing that this is propaganda. They are pushing an agenda that tries to break down cultural customs and traditions. They show certain traditions in a negative light and “progressive ideals” in a positive light.

It’s not really sexism, but to us, us men, you girls all are awesome, so why not put a shrine on our bodies?

“It would be straight up remiss of yo’ bitch ass…” I don’t know why, but that part is glorious. XD

Hhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah that’s right copy and paste wtf

Fake. Stop confusing your personal opinion with facts. Everything you said was completely totally awesome. Just kidding, it was awful. I rwslly want to take off your eyebrows and burnthem while telling you to go to hell in the best accent that Harvey keitel had never done.

Better than despacito 🙂

WTF Buddha was born in Nepal

Similarly to Two-Face’s want for fairness and chance, it could be argued that Batman believes that by not killing the root of the problem, and allowing chance to decide who dies at the hands of The Joker, depending on their actions leading up to the event that caused their death is the most moral way to live. This luck can also be supported by my previous point: that The Joker has no ultimate plan (as stated in The Dark Knight) and thus he just causes chaos without the thought of any particular people being hurt, and if they are hurt for a purpose (instead of his usual want of chaos) e. g if they are a person with great political power, it could be argued it was the victim’s fault for being in a vulnerable situation that The Joker took advantage of (by chance on purpose), and it was their actions/their peers’ actions that lead to that person gaining that particular occupation and thus allowing The Joker to take advantage of said occupation. Therefore, Batman could believe that by not killing The Joker, more things are left to chance, which is arguably more moral.

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What a douche

“Rigging of elections” AHEM.. trump.. COUGH COUGH

One of the best video on essay…. sir plz guide us with more tips…

You should do Sun Tzu as well. Perhaps in the political theory playlist.

When religion is used in the hands of those who have the power, society will never better itself, especially if the minority is in power. a free society or democratic society is really the only way to succeed.

@markitymark90 That could probably work.

You just saved me from a 90 mark exam………Well Thanks to your Photos I UNDERSTOOD a lot or otherwise my mam would give me 0 in Julius Caesar.

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