Pictures are worth thousands of words.

Mediocre interviewer but I am thankful he kept interruptions minimal and the questions were alright.

Yo spacex

Love this man such an inspiration he is!!!

Great video, thank you.

As faggety Martin is, and as much as I think he’s a piece of shit with a bad attitude, he would be the type to get you killed. Anyone with money and connections like he has could hire 10 professional hitmen in a heartbeat. Ghost would become a ghost. We’re talking on the level of Russian mob shit. That’s why he talks the way he talks. He can get people put on milk cartons…

A Top10 20th century novels should include novels from several corners of the world, not only the US and Britain. Besides, to name one of the Great American Novels as The Number 1 20th Century Novel (The Great Gatsby) is really biased. Although an amazing book, it is far from being the most original on this list, or the most influential on literature as a whole. It is not even the most universal story. If you don’t know American history, you simply don’t get it. A tad too specific for it to be universal.

I understand oversimplification is the order of the day in more introductory lectures, but the “always a trade-off” portion glossed over a point that needs to be repeated early and often: the “safety net” doesn’t COST money, it SAVES money. Every study indicates that, for instance, housing the homeless cost society less than keeping them on the street.

I would like to hear this music in the entro for now on.

How about space lunatics!!😈😈

+David Taylor could you teach us how to review an academic journal. Condensing the 18- 27page academic journals into a two page report. I am seriously struggling with this. Thanks.

Let someone try and treat me like that mmm they for sure will carry a beating that will not be forgotten fuck the caste system

If you can knock out all 17 Republicans and destroy the Democratic machine you must be amazing, believe me.

Really? 😒 You are too far away from physics, buddies.

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Thanks you to share your knowledge to me

MY EXAM IS TOMORROW AND IM SO SCARED because I want to do well for English A level next year! Any last minute advice?

I don’t want joe schmoe leading my country…………..daddy’s boy, no matter how much money you have, does not mean you are intelligent

You are lovely, brilliant teacher Sir!

I think it is because it would be killing 5 people or murdering 1

My favorite is definitely the president of Uruguay (1:15:04). He’s very wise.


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