A man who can tie a boutique is a man of INTELLIGENCE

Nigga nas is the most impressive lyricist of all time foh


Strange thing is Lewis was right wing. I suppose all ideas meet at one point.

Just because a book is old, it doesn’t mean it’s not good anymore–and many are better than the stuff being printed and sold today. (I shudder every time someone says the “Twilight” series is good writing. )


Cool game

“I used to think that death was the worst that could happen to a person. I also used to think it was the LAST thing that could happen… I was wrong on both account” – If I die by Rachel Vincent

We’re all going down together my friends

Evey lang in europe is from slavik!!

WRT Sartres “young man”….neither choice has any point, since the old woman would die one day eventually and forget anything he had done, and the war wasn’t so important that it would wipe out humanity, it would just lead to the dominance of one form of humanity over another, and that in and of itself was meaningless since all those people would one day die too, and forget anything that happened.

So much to note down, too little time

I cannot concentrate with your flawless face e. e


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