You’re the reason why rick and morty fans are such douches.

They did him dirty in the thumbnail

Always gonna give you up

Hunger of Money is responsible for that…

Klingon will be released on duolingo before new years!!!

And we did a test on the Electroscope

“It’s not the gun that is dangerous it’s the man pulling the trigger that shows its true intention” – my own quote

She got her fame and Alex had to suffer and die slowly, Alex looks so unhealthy. why should people think they have to gauge their intelligence and teach them things that are absolutely useless for them except for crazy humans’sole entertainment and dominance. All these so called BIRD LOVERS cut their wings, cage them, just use them for their own fun, these people are so heartless RIP ALEX!!!! and countless other innocent animals.

LOTR should be number one. Russian masterpieces are good, but they are incredibly long and tedious to read. Tolkien created an entire new high fiction genre, entire new world and several new languages and alphabets. And those stupid conservative Nobel Prize evaluators didn’t deem him worthy of a Nobel prize. Well, fuck them.

I once heard a Canadian couple in Williamsburg, Virginia looking at a windmill. The woman said to the man, “Holy cow, eh.”

Instead of thought you get THOT

Heel leuk dat je misschien naar Nederland wilt gaan, ik woon zelf ook in het noorden van Nederland! Ik hoop dat je het leuk gaat vinden! (I have no idea if you can understand this, but my point is have a lot of fun in the Netherlands I hope you enjoy our little country!)

Madam aur HRM Ka video kyun nahi bana rahi hai, aur video nahi mil taha hai, please infom me

Masterpiece video

Im a Trump supporter and I loved this 😀 xD

Smashing thanks a lot! Very useful


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