We need a serial killer that specifically goes after bank managers. We need more serial killers. If people thought their life was at stake for dealing dirty business instead of their bank account I don’t think society would have Wells Fargo operating like it has for the past 200 years, nor would we have 2008, nor would we have this chronic abuse of power throughout almost every major institution and office of influence… Everyone is equal from the barrel of a gun.

Blah Blah Blah Fired before hired

A verbal contract is not a binding in a court of law


-Walt Whitman

Wow I feel so good after listening to this speech awesome

Hahahah prophet!!!!!! good one. i needed one since my brain is about to explode.

Dark and depressing but has its truth. i like it.

Look we’re trying to

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Frodo is human. Frodo is… a hobbit.

Had to watch the sphere part 3 times to understand it. Mind blowing and it just creates a lot of questions about reality and so on…

Surprised me to learn that American English has a unique R sound (Except with certain accents like Southern, Bostonian etc) I sat there saying words with R’s and feeling how my tongue was then trying to pronounce R’s in other languages. It is way different! Loved this video.

Great video, Paul. I definitely liked the throwback to old English. Happy New Year!

The Audience has to believe they are in the real world, and in some nonsense comicbook universe. In fact, whenever I see those florescent lighted scenes, that look like a comic book page, I get concerned. Marvel Movies have been a success so far by taking their audience and their material seriously, going back to a cartoony style could easily drag us back to camp. And then this whole thing turns to shit again.



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