If only more people would understand this we’dd have less games that look epic but plays like shit>_>

Where can I find all chapters vedios of accounts n economics of urs???

La uso para no estresarme jugando lol


Thank you

I am suffering to what I call an impulsive depression in which I just randomly burst in sadness, tears, self hate but without even moving a muscle on my face and showing any kind of reaction

Viggo makes Elvish sound so natural, you could really believe he grew up with it.

“Only yearns for szechuan sauce” what about the ridiculous amazing drug crystals and the alcohol? oh boiyaahhhh gotcha!

He explained this way better than my teacher

Excellent teacher!!

I produce stunna see you flaws twerk it and problem for young thug follow me on ig and twitter And souncoud @isaacflame

Hello what is your name

What makes us human is that we were created in the image of God.

Or search for ‘All vocab for GCSE AQA French’ on Quizlet

I’m doing AQA literature and IGCSE language, but my teacher hasn’t even taught us the structure of literature, does anybody know how the course goes? p. s i’m doing the books romeo and juliet

Very good, mentor. Haha!

Only the VERY stupid people would want their President as much of a non-intellectual “commoner” as themselves. People with brains want their President to be a LOT BETTER than themselves.

I said Biiiiiiiiiiitch

The Five Confusion Classics, Michael Nylan


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