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Kung Fu Superstar sounds like it would have been fun, but I imagine there is one huge logistical problem: Not everyone has a huge game room to play in. Consider the broken tvs from flying Wii controllers when people accidentally let go while waving them around. Can you imagine how much worse it could be if someone wrapped up in an intense fight on screen put foot, fist, or head through furniture, appliances, or broke their own console?

How could anyone dislike this film?

OMG, did they go and say increasing taxes, caused economic growth. Almost only possible by being an idiot and just manipulating equations. God dammit, why are economist so stupid in mathematics.

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I tought this was meisjedjamila but i will never know

I’m on a whole different level of music

Does this also work for English Language GCSE?


Proud to be (proto) Indo-European!

Awesome Tony!

Is brusspup a girl?

Spyra dynasty. The Henckels & Co. have stolen the Spyra (hence the

I don’t understand how this would work exactly in the future, especially given the likelihood of automation taking over half of our jobs as you say; what would happen to all the human workers who would all be laid off? If they couldn’t find another job that still required human workers then would the government just let them all starve to death?

What is the difference between the Bibliography and References Sections in a dissertation? I noted that assignment brief for my program requires both and to the best of knowledge, they are one and the same thing.

Lol she’s not good at avoiding questions she just acts retarded, she’s just as autistic and trump haha

George Bush sure has changed

2:19 “It’s worth mentioning… unsafe and unfair working conditions, and environmental degradation can be ugly side effects of international trade; and we’re going to talk about that…” But not now, because screw people and the planet, money is all that matters. Once again you glance over the important issues as if they don’t matter.

4:28 wrong…


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