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No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

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And simply say “sorry, but I can’t talk about that”

So the only free speech that matters is when it’s something you personally agree with – everything else should be banned? Not because it’s PC, that’s only when they tell to stop, but because it’s “liberal whining” or “bitching” etc…

People are individuals, not groups. the behavior of gender is defined as a personal issue, not a “must-follow” norm.


In addition to this, we have the Planck lenght. Anything smaller than it is essentially not possible, below it, differences in any way are said to be impossible. This means it is, by today’s knowledge, the smallest width and height any line could ever have. But this makes it impossible to fit an infinite number of lines in a sphere.

Go Kurt Vonnegut.

I really liked that! Everything great, like the Home. Thanks a lot



You are so correct on universal grammar. I’ve heard many linguists who are so dismissal of the complexities of grammar and believe that it’s superficial in our language cognition processes, and think it’s only our expectations of the culture that shape how we think in the language. This just isn’t true. The research done in linguistic relativity, for example, by Lera Boroditsky, has found done some fascinating research in this field, which shows just how much language can affect our thought.

Her doggy career will end very soon 🙂

You are determined to recieve what you recieve.

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And how i can fire robots from a planet to another?


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