Young Bernie could get it 😲💦

Give me an ape with a banana any day! Apes don’t lie, but they are just as aggressive as Toxic Trump is…

SSC CGL + IBPS Quantitative tricks –

5 page essay due today and I didn’t even start 😫😫👏🏻👏🏻

This Guy is fat

Reh Quee Um. Not Reh Queem. You seem to have trouble with a lot of words.



WTF Space RTS + Normal Land RTS, for the first time I see this kind of game, looks nice, I am glad that people everyday are coming with new ideas and pursue them, so everyone else who is interested can have a good time.

Yes, Romanian does have the masculine-feminine thing 🙂 I guess it does seem strange and extra complicated for a speaker of gender-neutral language to learn. But I like it 🙂 I guess….

What I don’t get is, if one currency is exchanged against the other then surely the supply is the same for both currencies! ?

Plants you shouldn’t eat.

It’s not a motive, its a motif, or what you described is a leitmotif. other than this, great video

God bless your teacher.

Sir you’re great teacher….

Thank you Armin for this lectures, they are really useful.:) Specially now, when I have to improve my English for my work:)

As though they were like you.

Leaf a like


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