And I ain’t hardly shittin’ you.]

Ya baby!

The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger. The prince journeys to a country called The Republic of Much Enthusiasm but Not Very Well Thought Out, whose capital it the Disposable City. The countr’s leader is Uncle Jit – Donald Trump is stealing lines and policies from him!!!!

Love the logic and simplicity

I’m ten and I’m already ahead of you love

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I came to this video because i got distracted from the work that I was doing. And then the first book on the list is about avoiding distractions.

Not gonna lie; I was kinda hoping he’d talk about the Martian ‘ack ack’s from Mars Attacks in the second bit. Still a thoroughly intriguing perspective, though, and I hope for more to come.

Losing his faith because of a bunch of morons? He was religious nothing else, people lose religion all the time, sometimes for full blown atheism and sometimes for real faith.

You claim that we must look at facts and statistics, then insinuate that the argument “maybe women just don’t like science as much as men” is an unsupported conclusion – just an assumption. You’re absolutely right about that, but pose your own unproven, nonobjective explanation. It’s hypocritical that you expect us to accept your purely hypothetical mechanism for this phenomenon when you dismiss another for being unsupported.

Please don’t use transvestite. It’s outdated.

Is this an episode of BLR?


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