OH PLEASE! The Clinton and their backers do the EXACT same thing. Makes me crazy…. as you said “trying to staple jello to the wall”.

A lo mejor de Mi litlel infernó cuando llegues hasta arriba te encuentras con el personaje de litlel inferno

Actually while dialects are dying out you will notice slight differences in the standart German in terms of pronounciation, words and grammar. Eg in my area people like to mash words together so instead of “sag mal” they say “samma”. Another rather infuriating thing people in my town specifically like to do is to say “wie” instead of “als” when making comparisons. Eg instead of “Er war besser als ich” they say “Er war besser wie ich” and I want to murder whenever I hear it!!

I wish I could read.

I whis that everyone was like this man

I am so impressed well done @patrick Willems

1. Kniha(book) pl. 1. Knihy(books)

Mississippi wind chime

You can rub me like that pvc pipe bb

You need to touch on Per Capita Income Index, PQLI and HDI too.

Anyone else thinks he sounds like Vince Vaughn?

More science grads should become interviewers!

Please stop doing this emma is enough


The video is informative. Thank you.

Thank you. Very clear, with some humor!

Accusativ: велику рибу = [i see] big fish

Good information but the sound quality is not he best!


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