Dutch, Czech, French, English, German here. Would love to learn a new language like polish!

Thanks for the explanation! but by the way, I think the background music is distracting me from the subject.. :\

Martin shkreli respect. I like him.

All it takes is a beautiful British accent to keep my attention

How can you leave the farm?

It makes me :(:(

I have most of these Novels! Catcher in The Rye and Huck Finn being my Favorites?

Português, aprendam todos português, nós brasileiros somos um pouco atrasados e não conseguimos aprender outros idiomas. Gratidão.

My handwriting is pointed letters. All of that was true except for intense.

Who painted his eyelashes and eyelids?

I am confused by interruptive images of people who are not speaking. what does it mean?

Yes, Freud did a lot for psychology as a discipline and some of the topics he addressed. But that doesn’t make his theories right. I thought Freud had crackpot theories long before the flame war w that idiot.

The guys voice doesn’t make this video sound better. Still sounds like a 1980’s video. Time to catch up to today’s time. Make this interesting.

I learned a lot, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💓


Slaughterhouse 5


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