NO wonder India is in the shape it is and no changes will come until this caste thing gives in.

They dont

Si me sonaban los muñecos

This should be viewed with Audioslave in the background. https://youtu. be/WC5FdFlUcl0

P. S I know it would be difficult, but I know it’s the subject I will actually put a lot of work in. Also, I’m picking French, Law and art for my a levels

This is GOLD jared, GOLD ya hear!?

I am a reader, but only read To Kill a Mockingbird, from this list. I am not much of a classic reader


We need communism. When all jobs are automated, how will capitalism cope?

Plz kya ap Allocation of resources ka mtlb bta skte haiii

I never thought how important it can be to follow amazing speakers thank you Tony.. amazing education

According to this study, French boys tend to think girls whose name ends with the [i] sound like Julie, Mélanie are friendly, and when you say their name with [i] sound you’re actually smiling.

It’s easy to be depressed if you have privilege and money, you don’t have the luxury to indulge in your feelings if you’re poor.

Eric looks like Mr. Shew from Glee

I like Trump because he acts and speaks like a non politician. Most politicians lie and manipulate and deceive.


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