Ahhh I’m so glad I found your channel, jade!! your revision videos are helping me sooo much!! good luck with your exams!!

Very helpful tutorial, thank you sir…….

Sure we’re better off but doesn’t this mean economics assumes that resources are infinite? Eg. So much farmable land is already occupied so it’s going to be difficult to keep up with increasing demand as population and overall wealth increase = range of issues such as not having enough land/resources. In this respect there should be a focus on De-desertification, more efficient & environmentally sustainable practices/technology, population/child policies, and overall energy reform (storage & clean production ie. R&D Thorium reactors)

Evsiz=without house = homeless

I am the captain of my ship, and the master of my fate.

Oh, and if you are outraged by this suggestion, I’ll do you the courtesy of informing you that the very reason for your outrage is but a part of the reason I think it ought to have made the list. Not only the theme, but the plot and characterization – such characterization! – and word-smithery should merit it a spot higher, at the VERY least, above Catcher In the Rye.

Very nice lecture i gonna watch all videos

Interesting perspective, but consider this: the history of scientific progress is defined by people overcoming challenges of society. And those challenges were a whole hell of a lot more than clothing that made them emotionally uncomfortable. If somebody can be so offended by some images on a shirt doesn’t that mean that something is wrong with them? Are the rest of us supposed walk on egg shells for fear of making them upset? And why is accidental offence an excuse to say overtly offensive things like accusing someone of being a bigot? The fact that an article of clothing was able to eclipse the single most impressive feat of human space exploration in decades is down right shameful.

But it will be the same amount of numbers…. right??

You are a nitpicking nerd who should NOT shut up about this.

Excellent video Johnny must of saved me hours of manual typing.

Let me ask you what happens in the weekend? Does she take Alex home? He seems to be staying in her office! This bird looks seriously stressed out and I am sure it was a significant factor in his dead at this relatively young age.

I learn more from you than i do in math class.

Why these outrageous prices? do you WANT people to pirate this???

Non – rhotic is a north english thing/ londoners especially after the american war of independence and 1812 became more rhotic


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