Very good

Great video! For those of you who don’t like it, or can’t take anything from it, maybe you should just kill yourself. #foodforthought

Why did it have to be cancelled

I want the transcript of this speech

在しない。つまり、0は存在しない。同じように∞も存在しない。 量子1個を1と定義す

I have no family members or friends who speak like this. Not even their children speak like this. It’s embarrassing to be represented in this way to the rest of the world.

Albanian was not existing til 12 century as language same as albaniant people, thay are kavkasian

Snapchat-z. p1235

Tbh there is more to life than grades. Becoming the person you want to be is much valuable Xx

Awesome and very accessible! will certainly buy the pack when the semester starts. Do you have any estimate of the hours of work a student would on average spend on this Macro Unit one course?

Drumpf’s street kid way of speaking are highly accepted by his uneducated supporters. This goes to show more Americans are uneducated now than ever.

This guy looks a thinner version of Superman

That whole thing @ 4:47 available as image or pdf maybe?

Kristian’s ease to explain, deconstruct, and dismantle

Thanks for the video!


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