Plus atleast Silesia would be shown German definitely.

Taktuboon تكتبون = you write (adressing more than two males)

Either way someone is going to die, so you are going to regret your decision.

Dude wtf… Tariff is the easy part. I watched the entire video so that you would explain quotas and you didn’t… Tariffs are easy… Explain quotassss!!!!!!

“Homeschooling would be pretty good, but HOW can you “stream-line” it so that the children can enter the job market?”

Bernie Sandhaassss


• Law should only intervene when society, the ‘right-minded’ citizenry,

So… 7+2 is 8?

Your pronunciation is very nice and clear. Thank you very much emma.

Why English is a global language?

Great lecture professor. I am preparing for PHR certification and found it a great refresh. God bless

This is microeconomics…

So clear! thank you

What idiot is giving this a thumbs down?

You teach well but in a louder way

I think I could write something just as useful. How about this?

3 people got heart attacks soon after

Excellent 😃

Improve your info for your next video!!!!!!!

> so it turns out, overall, that those things you are most sure are extremely one way are usually more moderate, & other things which you have always thought to be rather indistinct & moderate are actually far more extreme.

Does it even help?

I do computer science as a GCSE and I can say in all honesty this game is almost exactly programming, a lot of screaming, debugging and copy and pasting.

Thank you!!!!!

Lol I have to finish two more pages of my Issue Exploration essay in English by midnight, and I’m just finding any excuse not to do it


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